Set up file transfer

Set up a way to transfer files to and from the SHIELD
In order set up emulators and advanced settings of SPMC you will need a way to transfer files between the SHIELD and your PC. In this section I will describe two ways of setting this up:

  1. Using ES File Explorer, which is very simple, but does require you to start ES File Explorer and turn on the function when you need to transfer files
  2. Installing an SSH server on the SHIELD that will always be running, so you can connect whenever you want without first having to turn on something on the SHIELD

I prefer method 2 because I have a SHIELD in my living room and my bedroom. When I want to transfer files to a them, it’s very convenient that I don’t have to go to that room, start the TV, and enable the transfer function on the SHIELD before I can start transferring the files.

Method 1: Use ES File Explorer
Start “ES File Explorer” and go into the network section. Turn on the “Remote Manager” functionality:

Now you can connect to the SHIELD Android TV with an FTP client:

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 01.09.39

Method 2: Set up an SSH server on the SHIELD
Using this method the SHIELD will always be ready for file transfers.

I recommend using “SSH Server” from the Google Play Store:

The app is not available in the Google Play Store directly on the SHIELD, but you can do a remote install to the SHIELD from the Play Store on your PC:

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 01.24.22

After the application has been installed you will need to launch it and do the following:

  • Enable the SFTP server function
  • Configure a server name and connection port
  • Set up a user name and password to connect with
  • Set the root folder you will connect to (in the example I set it to /sdcard)
  • Enable autostart at boot options

You can use the right thumb stick on the game controller to move the mouse pointer:

Now you can start connecting to the SHIELD using SFTP: Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 01.34.49

To avoid the ads you can purchase the Pro version of the app:


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