Install SPMC

Installing and configuring SPMC
Instead of installing the Kodi app available in the Google Play Store I recommend installing SPMC, which is an Android version of Kodi optimized for the SHIELD.

SPMC is maintained by the former maintainer of the Android version of Kodi, and he has improved the functionality in a number of areas, most importantly:

  • Better support for passthrough audio
  • 4K GUI
  • HQ scalers
  • Being able to use it as the default launcher

SPMC is available in the Google Play Store, but that version cannot be used as the default launcher. Instead I recommend that you download the “Launcher APK” version from the SPMC website:

Once you’ve downloaded the APK you must transfer it to the SHIELD using one of the file transfer methods described in the “Basics” section. I normally place the files in the “Download” folder on the SHIELD. You can also put the APK on a USB stick or SD-card and put that into the SHIELD.

Use ES File Explorer to browse to the place where you have the APK and open it to install SPMC:

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