Nintendo NES

The NES emulator
This is Nestopia. I’ve configured Advanced Launcher to switch the SHIELD to 60Hz refresh rate if your TV supports it. So you should stick to NTSC (US) games to ensure perfect smooth scrolling.

Back:   Select
Start:  Start
NVIDIA: Toggle RetroArch menu

Nestopia is compatible with roms in the following formats:

  • .nes
  • .zip (zipped .nes files)

You need to place them in the nes rom folder on the SHIELD. You should name the files the way you want them to be listed in SPMC:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 02.04.57

When you’ve added games to the nes folder you must do a scan of the folder in Advanced Launcher:

You are now ready to play NES games!

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