Amstrad CPC

The Amstrad CPC emulator
This is Caprice32. I’ve configured Advanced Launcher to switch the SHIELD to 50Hz refresh rate if your TV supports it. This matches the PAL refresh rate of most Amstrad CPC games and leads to perfect smooth scrolling.

A:          Fire
B:          Space
X:          Esc
Select:     Enter
Start:      Toggle on screen keyboard
NVIDIA:     Toggle RetroArch menu

Caprice32 is compatible with disk images in the following formats:

  • .dsk
  • .zip (zipped .dsk files)

The emulator uses an autoload feature which works most of the time, but in some situations it might not be able to determine which file to load from the disk. It is normal for Amstrad games to take a little while to load, but when autoload fails it will just stay at the black loading screen forever.

If you experience this you can try to go into the core options for the emulator and disable the Black BASIC. Then you can see what error you get when it tries to autoload. The solution would normally be to try to get hold of a different disk with the game on that the autoload feature might work with.

Game disks must be placed in the amstrad rom folder on the SHIELD. You should name the files the way you want them to be listed in SPMC:

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 01.57.33

When you’ve added games to the amstrad folder you must do a scan of the folder in Advanced Launcher:

You are now ready to play Amstrad CPC games!

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