Sony Playstation

The Sony Playstation emulator
This is PCSX ReARMed. I’ve configured Advanced Launcher to switch the SHIELD to 60Hz refresh rate if your TV supports it. So you should stick to NTSC (US) games to ensure perfect smooth scrolling.

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To increase compatibility you should use a real PSX BIOS for the game region. The emulator does simulate a BIOS, but the compatibility is not as good as the real thing. If you only use NTSC (US) games you will only need the first one on the list:

US: SCPH1001.bin
EU: SCPH7003.bin
JP: SCPH1000.bin

The BIOS files must be placed in the RetroArch system folder on the SHIELD:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 16.09.10

PCSX ReARMed supports cd images in the following formats:

  • .bin/.cue
  • .img/.ccd/.sub
  • .pbp

PBP files is a format used by Playstation Portable that supports compression and multiple discs in a single file. For a quick guide to PBP files scroll to the bottom of this page.

You need to place the games in the psx rom folder on the SHIELD. You should name the files the way you want them to be listed in SPMC:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 00.14.22

When you’ve added games to the psx folder you must do a scan of the folder in Advanced Launcher:

You are now ready to play Sony Playstation games!

Converting ISOs to PBP
In this section I will go through the steps of converting Playstation ISOs to PBP files. I will use Final Fantasy IX as an example and create a PBP file containing the four ISOs of that game.

There are two main benefits of converting the games to PBP format:

  1. Compression, for example Final Fantasy IX is reduced from 2,65GB to 1,8GB
  2. Fitting all game disks in a single file and switching CD in the RetroArch menu

Begin by downloading PSX2PSP v.1.4.2 for Windows:

Also download this datafile which is needed by PSX2PSP to generate PBP files:

Unpack the two files, and place the base.pbp file in the files folder of PSX2PSP:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 23.30.59

Make sure you have the game bin/cue files ready:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 23.50.53

Use the PSX2PSP tool to create a compressed PBP file containing the game disks:

After the PBP file has been created it will be named EBOOT.PBP, so you will have to rename it to the name of the game. After this you have a PBP game file that can be added to the psx rom folder and started from Advanced Launcher.

While playing a game you can go into the RetroArch menu and switch to one of the other disks in the PBP file. To make sure that the game detects that you’ve switched disks, you must first eject the disk that was active and go back into the game. Then return to the RetroArch menu, select a new disk and insert it:

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